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Maple syrup is a breakfast staple. Is it healthier than sugar?

Usatoday 07 Dec 2023
Beyond its distinctive taste, many wonder if maple syrup has any nutritional benefits that could make it a good alternative sweetener to using sugar alone ... A single tablespoon of the stuff has about 12 grams of sugar. Because overconsumption of sugar can contribute to health problems like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, the U.S.

Hope for hundreds of thousands with type 1 diabetes as major study reveals arthritis drug can...

The Daily Mail 07 Dec 2023
As a result, the anti-inflammatory drug, also known by its brand name Olumiant, reduces the amount of insulin patients need to inject to control their blood sugar ... Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and kills the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin.

World-first: Daily tablet slows diabetes progression in clinical trial

New Atlas 07 Dec 2023
The researchers are hopeful that baricitinib will become clinically available as a way of better managing type 1 diabetes to avoid the long-term complications associated with poor blood sugar control, such as heart attack and stroke, vision impairment, kidney disease and nerve damage.

Best Berberine Supplement Brands to Use: Top Products Reviewed

Belleview Reporter 07 Dec 2023
Increased glucose metabolism reduces the level of sugar in your blood ... Each capsule contains 150mg of liposomal berberine and is packed with numerous health benefits and daily berberine supplementation may help you in blood sugar management, improving cardiovascular health, and preventing age-related chronic diseases ... Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar.

Kenyan campaigners urge for taxation on processed food to tame non-communicable diseases

Xinhua 07 Dec 2023
7 (Xinhua) -- Kenya should impose heavier taxation on processed food, and limit their consumption to stem the growing crisis of non-communicable diseases including cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments, campaigners said Thursday ... Kenyan campaigners urge for taxation on processed food to tame non-communicable diseases.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Why dogs are good for your health

McAlester News-Capital 07 Dec 2023
People who regularly perform aerobic exercise have improved blood pressure, reduced blood sugar levels, better-controlled weight and a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease ... The same research found that dog owners also are more likely to report a healthy diet and blood sugar at ideal levels, which improves overall heart health.

New Trends in Veterinary Medicine for 2024 Include Groundbreaking Treatments for America's Most Popular Pets: ...

Victoria Advocate 06 Dec 2023
VMX 2024 to Feature World-Renowned Veterinary Presenters and the Latest in Disease Management and Diagnostics for Animals of All Kinds ... From the veterinarian's perspective, feline diabetes is a very treatable disease – but for the pet owner, it's not so simple ... blood sugar levels.

Tips to be Fit: Believing the myths of low-carb eating can be dangerous

The Philadelphia Tribune 05 Dec 2023
In the body, carbohydrates are broken down into smaller of sugar molecules, such as glucose and fructose. Your small intestine absorbs these sugar molecules ... Your liver converts these sugars into glucose, which is carried through the bloodstream accompanied by insulin.

NYC, Eric Adams must wage campaign to curb diabetes ‘epidemic’ affecting 1 million New Yorkers: ...

New York Post 05 Dec 2023
Mayor Eric Adams tamed his own diabetes — commissioned by his Health Department is recommending a well-funded citywide campaign to curb the debilitating and potentially deadly chronic disease afflicting 1 million other New Yorkers ... The report shares that the chronic disease disproportionately impacts residents of color.

Winter superfood: 3 healthy ways to eat ghee as mercury drops

Hindustan Times 05 Dec 2023
Having ghee in winter is both a medicine as well as a feel good factor ... People who are obese or overweight should approach ghee and recipes made of it with caution as excessive consumption can lead to weight gain and exacerbation of chronic disease risk factors from blood sugar to blood pressure ... (Also read . Winter-friendly millets ... Join Now ... 1 ... 2 ... 3.

Santa thinks you should add some Vermont-related books to your holiday wish list

Burlington Free Press 05 Dec 2023
Andrea Grayson, “The Sweet Tooth Dilemma” – Grayson, who teaches at the Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont, is the bearer of bad if not surprising news with this book that spells out how sugar is dangerous.

Black Death may be responsible for us eating junk food

Killeen Daily Herald 04 Dec 2023
Modern microbiomes are linked to a wide range of chronic diseases, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and poor mental health ... When the disease progresses, bacteria can enter the bloodstream through gum tissue and potentially cause respiratory disease, rheumatoid arthritis, coronary artery disease and blood sugar issues in diabetes.

Soaked groundnuts: Wonderful health benefits and delicious ways to add them to your diet

Hindustan Times 04 Dec 2023
Being a low GI food, peanuts can be an ideal breakfast choice for people with diabetes as they help control blood sugar levels ... They contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help reduce bad cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases ... Blood sugar regulation.

Unravelling secrets in our oral microbiomes

GDN Online 04 Dec 2023
Methanobrevibacter, tied to ancient diets, lacked traits associated with dairy and sugar consumption. Beyond diet, the Streptococcus group hinted at links to periodontal disease, respiratory issues, arthritis, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes.

Why is the Ohio Republican Party so proud it already endorsed Trump in 2024? Today ...

Cleveland 04 Dec 2023
For decades we’ve been told that sugar is bad for us, for many many reasons. Suddenly, however, because of University Hospitals, we may see sugar as a powerful weapon against a terrible cancer ... For decades, we’ve been told that sugar is bad for us for a whole bunch of reasons.

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